In need of voice actors for a short animation

2013-07-04 00:39:59 by Dieseling

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this is you're interested. I basically have a small pokemon parody that I'm wanting to do and in need of 2 male voices (Brock and Ash) and one female (Misty). I would like them to sound somewhat similar to the show, but it isn't completely necessary. Anyways, if you're interested. Please make a small audio sample of a few lines any of the characters might say and either send it through a PM on here or my email @

Some of my previous works can be found here (only a handful)

Unfortunately I cannot pay anyone on this particular project, but you will be credited. Again, thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from some of you all soon.


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2013-07-04 00:55:28

Alas, I can't do a believable ash or Brock, but I wish you luck in finding some good ones!


2013-07-04 00:58:13

would do this but I think Red would have worked

Dieseling responds:

it could work but its more directly a joke at the anime.


2013-07-04 02:02:45

I'm getting a more professional-sounding mic around July 23rd, so I'll be able to get you a quality recording around that time.. unless you're cool one from a Snowball. In which case I could send one within the next couple days. Do you want a solid impression, or anything thay sounds comical & remotely like the original?

Dieseling responds:

if you'd like to just send whatever you can that'd be cool. I planned on working with scratch audio for now anyway.


2013-07-04 02:18:30

Expect an audition from me soon!

Dieseling responds:

Will do sir!


2013-07-04 04:48:49

I will be sending one in soon!


2013-07-04 11:41:38

So this is your small side project, sounds like fun :) I'll send in an audition shortly.


2013-07-04 17:07:17

I'll try to audition by this week. When are you going to close the audition?

Dieseling responds:

I'm looking to have a full cast most likely by next week.


2013-07-04 22:32:58

I'll have a sample sent your way soon! You might hear some explosions in the background. Just a heads up. They will be gone if I do any more recordings after tonight, though.

Dieseling responds:

Sounds good!


2013-07-04 23:38:24

Ok, I'll email the audio samples tomorrow. Quick question, should we add any additional sound effects or is it fine the way it is?

Dieseling responds:

Any additional stuff is up to you, Just have fun with it


2013-07-05 16:19:00

Emailed you. :P